by Helena Ainsworth

The first fat + flour post! Oh my god. The mountains still left to climb! Yikes. 


Kitchen work is rough. 

The physical labor alone required in a day’s work leave one lacking nutrients, let alone all else that comes with the shift: getting home tired but unable to sleep because you’re so wired, 10 hours working without food or water if you’re not careful and an inability to sit down. Three months ago, I was exhausted and stressed. I couldn’t focus, I was always upset, I always felt just wrong. Hydrant did a promotion for a 2 for 1 deal on a variety pack of their regular flavors and a bag of caffeinated. 

I jumped on that, obviously. 

So flash forward a week or two, the pack arrives on my doorstep. 

I’m so ready. 


Killed it.

They rock a similar color scheme to fat + flour ourselves. (Heads up - muted brights + bolds is definitely the new rose gold). Minimalist, honest, and straight-forward - a brand after my (painfully dehydrated) heart. The regular line comes in color appropriate options as follows: Lime, Blood Orange, Grapefruit, and a Variety Pack of equal amounts of all flavors. The caffeinated line comes in color appropriate options as follows: Orange and Lemon. The caffeinated line includes 100 mg caffeine and 200 mg L-Theanine. 

What is L-Theanine?

A gold mine. 

Have you ever wondered why tea caffeine makes you feel all focused and motivated while coffee caffeine feels like... well... a drug? (I did, until I found Hydrant)

L-Theanine is the difference! This little beauty is what focuses the caffeine so that our body isn’t so fried from it. This monitors spikes in energy and the comedown, as well as dulling any painful side effects like upset tummy, jitters, or headaches. 

This straight up blew my mind when I found this information on Hydrant’s site. I’m sure in my younger years I stumbled across this information. But I wasn’t in the working world yet. I didn’t really know what caffeine did to a working body, and an aging one at that. Rediscovering this was a lightbulb for my caffeine consumption.


At $1 a pack for the regular line, through subscription (easy to cancel or skip, if needed), it’s perfectly reasonable to fit it into your daily routine. I’ve been drinking two a day but have just started cutting back to one a day because I’ve spent a lot of money recently (whoops), so I gotta chill on the self care for a month or two. My planner says treat yoself in April though so don’t worry - I will resume scheduled pampering. 

Hydrant pricing vs. competitor Liquid IV:

Hydrant - Starting at 30-pack for $29.99 ($1 per pack, based on subscription pricing)

Liquid IV - Starting at 24-pack for $30.00 ($1.25 per pack, based on subscription pricing)

“Sources: Hydrant and Liquid IV. Accessed 25 November, 2019” From drinkhydrant.com

Does it work?

Yes! It works so much that I gave a bag to each of my family members for Christmas (sorely missed oppurtunity for content for the post, I know). I lie in wait until my coworkers mention feeling a little sluggish and pounce, “Do you want a hydrant?!” Gleefully mixing it for them and waiting for them to drink it. Everyone’s loved them. 

Most importantly (obvi) I love them. 

I’m a heavy caffeine drinker. With the help of my caffeinated Hydrant packs, I’ve completely cut out coffee from my diet. I’m not super serious about it, if the mood strikes me, I’ll have a small cup. Like last week, I had my first macchiato (yum) because the host was learning to make coffee drinks so I had to sample! Plus I chew whole coffee beans when I really need that boost of sweet caffeine. 

Having low blood pressure, I run into a lot of issues trying to find foods that will keep my electrolytes balanced. Sodium is a biggie. Everything is low sodium. And... like, I get it... it’s the preferred style for most people’s diets but also still definitely a problem for me. Hydrant specifies that sodium is NEEDED in your body and they won’t compromise that or the body’s requirements for sugar. I still need to find other sources (hello literal bowl of salt I occasionally cat lick out of when feeling faintish), but Hydrant is a great start to my day. 

It’s really just basic. High demand physical job = dehydrated/easy to forget in the thick of it to drink water; dehydration = rapid hydration delivery needed to balance out. The second hydrant of my day helps me through this mid-shift fog. As for my caffeinated morning drink: I feel recharged after I drink my hydrant. Its everything that a cup of coffee would bring without any of the bad.

Everything just feels more relaxed now. It’s like my body isnt working so hard to just run daily tasks. I don’t feel like superwoman, I just feel like a woman... not a bed slug. 

To get $10 off your first purchase (that’s 33% off a month!) AND free shipping (omg)